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* Do you know how to increase your DNS security?

Suggested article from our blog: DNSSEC. The security extension for DNS

Stop DNS Spoofing once and for all with Domain Name System Security Extension (DNSSEC). It is an additional layer of security that you can add to your DNS and guarantee that your DNS server won’t get "poisoned".

The security extension DNSSEC is here to provide a method with private and public keys for authentication of each step of the DNS resolving. Starting from the root, it checks each server, and safety passed the information to the users. That way, they won’t end in a scam site.

How does DNSSEC or Domain Name System Security Extension work?

DNSSEC will work the same way as a regular DNS for your users. They will retrieve the records without any change. On the back end, each domain name server will get into a handshake with the one before to verify the DNS records' authenticity.

Curious about knowing more on the topic of DNS security and DNSSEC? You can read this article!