Lawsuit Filed After Death of USC Student Leads to Community Outrage

A first year graduate student at USC was killed in a crash with a DPS officer Miguel Guerra on December 3, 2015.  Guerra was going at least three times the legal speed limit on campus at 69 mph when he crashed into Kelsey Dresser cars killing her. She was turning into campus when the crash occurred.  Officials say she died from head injuries in the hospital the following day.

Investigators state that Guerra had been working graveyard shifts back to back and this more than likely would have made his reaction time slower than normal.  Also two empty energy drinks were found in his car.

The parents of the deceased student had previously launched a lawsuit against Miguel Guerra for negligence and speeding.  He was also charged with vehicular manslaughter in July.

Recently Dressers parents filed a second suit against the school stating that USC inadequately trained the Department of Public Safety officer and played a part in their daughter’s death.  Dresser had a bright future and graduated from the university in 2014 with a degree in psychology.  At the time of her death she was working as a research assistant at an autism center and was a strong advocate for mental health awareness.  She had just begun her graduate studies in marriage and family therapy when her life was tragically cut short. accident_2

“Our officers dedicate themselves to protecting out students, staff, faculty and everyone who visits the University,” the statement said.  “This is an unprecedented and heartbreaking event for our department.  We offer our deepest condolences to Kelsey’s family, friends, classmates and faculty.”

When any young life is cut short it is a great loss to their family and society.  When someone gets behind the wheel of a car it is a tremendous responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  This officer acted irresponsibly and drove while he was tired and it ended up costing a beautiful young girl her life,” says Matthew Jacobs, member at one of Florida’s top wrongful death law firms,

crash2If you or a family member have been victimized in an accident through no fault of your own the first step is to contact a personal injury law.  Find a firm that has experience, and you can trust, because the process can often be long and hard to weather.  They will schedule a consultation and after be able to tell you what course of action is best for your specific situation.  If there are grounds for a civil suit, then your attorney will inform you and begin filing the appropriate paperwork to get things moving.  It would be impossible to navigate this process alone.  Once the paperwork is filed, your attorney will move into the negotiation phase, where most civil suits are settled.

Accidents, whether intentionally negligent or not are life changing and leave families with physical and financial deficits.  Your John Bales Attorneys will be able to at least help you be compensated for items like medical bills, and burial cost.  It is hard to lose someone but financial issues make the burden worse.